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Max and the Opera House Ghost 2

It is sad and unfortunate, but I have to inform you that the book "Max and the Opera House Ghost" is no longer available for purchase. So, this post can be a tribute to short lived Max and co. in a way, I suppose. I know the illustrations don't make much sense if you haven't read the book but hope you'll enjoy my not-so-dotty drawings :)

For those of you who have read/ purchased the book, (and loved it) thank you so much for your support, it means A LOT to both James and I. :) also, Max fans, don't be disappointed ..... I can't say much at this stage but promise his journey will continue.....and you'll be able to read all about it, hopefully sometime in the near future...! 


under the sea

May be because it is a middle of ( very warm ) summer here in Sydney,  I have been doodling a lot of under the water images lately. On a personal note, I'll be heading to Hawaii in less than 4 weeks time,  this is going to be my first visit and I can't wait to put my snorkelling googles and explore the underwater landscape....! But before I can put my ink and papers away and start packing for the trip, I need to get myself organised and prepare for up coming group exhibition at The Tate, Glebe that is happening in late February. I'll post details about the show as the date gets closer. Stay tuned!